the Scarecrow, the Lion & the Tin man

Digital Imaging by Rick SantiagoWe are what we Eat Art is More than Just Pretty Skill Pales in Comparison to Creativity Make the Most of what you have Smile but Never Blink Dance If you're GONNA Dance Subtlety Keeps Them Forever FIND the NEED

ART is the DIRECT Reflection of THE id

"It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle." Freud



Foodscape 2004Kelly Billette, MI - "Throughout my college years I became increasingly disillusioned with higher art education and resolved myself the philosophy that creativity is an objective truth that cannot be taught, and that education may instill false notions within an individual that will actually stifle creativity."

Michael Smith, VT - "Titles are important.  What a painting is called is more than a label to identify it. Titles, as Duchamp said, are like 'another layer of paint.'  In the best cases a painting can only be fully understood and appreciated when the title is taken into account.  The best titles leave room for various interpretations."

Chief Joseph - "I will Fight No More Forever"

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You and Me by Rick SantiagoLike many others, my work is greatly influenced by the diversity and longevity of PICASSO and MATISSE; each living a long full life!  Henri Matisse's, gouaches decoupes, paper collages IS STILL an amazing body of work; and he did this near the end of his life, after surgery and wheelchair bound!  "I do not seek I find," Picasso was surely a fearless spirit; the bottom line, he was just great!  If you haven't had a chance, get a copy of the video and watch The Mystery of Picasso

On a more personal level, the awesome creativity of Baltimore Artist Paul Mintz, the RAW talent of Philadelphia Native Adam Collison and MICA Graduate Michael Hamilton have helped me see things I never bothered to look at...

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Hotel California by Rick SantiagoPrimarily my biggest concern is form or composition with color and tonality second. I work mostly in abstraction and my wall art is on a larger scale. I try to use familiar objects and place them in unfamiliar situations. In my opinion negative space is much more important than the objects themselves. I love simplicity and minimalism, so the works of Mark Rothko (late works), Susan Rothenberg, Robert Rauschenberg and Joan Miro are greatly followed.


the LION

It`s Organic by Rick SantiagoWhen it comes to Furniture as Art, I take it to literally mean art as in fine arts. I try for subtlety, motion, organics and feel. I make pieces that whisper quietly into your eyes and beckons you to come closer. I often go to shops and galleries that carry my pieces and love to watch the peoples reactions when they pass by. Some just walk by, others stop and look, and then there are those that stop, stare for a moment and slowly reach out to touch that piece, which puts a smile on my face.

My woodworking projects include cabinets, built-ins, clocks, furniture and tables.  If you purchased one of my cabinets at GalleryID8, you got my last piece!  It's sad, but I have not made a cabinet in years and cannot seem to get IT back; but who knows, maybe, maybe not, we'll see.



Howard Street by Rick SantiagoI have a Love Hate Relationship with Digital Photography. On one hand, it is instantly gratifying and creative. On the other hand, it`s probably way too mechanical IMAO to consider Photography truly an art. TOO/SO much of PHOTOGRAPHY depends on EQUIPMENT from start to finish. Yet, you still need decent lighting and great composition for a good photo.

Photography is like LUST LOST in LOVE. The Samples below ALL started out as Digital Photos.

**Just met up with a Friend and Painter; he stated the best way to describe Photography is this, "Digital Photography is the Jewelry of 2D Art!" WOW, that is a perfect way to put it, thanks MC :-)

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the UNARTIST and 13

Rick Santiago, The UnartistCarefully groomed to become someone while attending 13 years of Private School Education. Then set loose on public streets to find myself at GW, Washington, DC. Currently I am still looking for myself.

"I think in general I've done some good things in my life. Out of 100 things I'm pretty proud of 87 of them, but it's that other 13 I think about ALL the time. Sometimes that 13 picks me up and other times it's an unbearable weight I've put upon myself. But I love that feeling, it's a reminder!"

You can find me at the Art Under Ground Studio or the Pearl Gallery in Hampden or call me at 410 390-6599 or email me at  Visit my BLOG for current works or for previous exhibits, THANKS!